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Our company, which started its operations in Istanbul in the late 1990s, particularly focusing on the sales, servicing, and repairing of Textile Machinery, especially Knitwear Linking Machines, quickly expanded its product portfolio and started serving domestic and international markets.

Operating under the brand name Tuğra Makina, our company aims to provide better service day by day with an approach that constantly renews itself, enhances productivity by considering customer expectations and demands, and aims for standardization in all business processes. With qualified workforce and advanced technology machinery and equipment, we have adopted the principle of establishing a place for ourselves in national and international markets where quality and reliability are indispensable.

With the experience, expertise, and professionalism gained over the years, in 2022, we produced the first Remayöz Machine in Turkey under the name Rema Klas. The Knitwear Linking Machine we produced, prioritizing faster, higher quality, and quieter performance compared to its counterparts, received significant attention in a short period.

Tuğra Makina, with its experienced and dynamic team, aims to achieve successful projects in the future, just as it did in the past, in line with realistic goals.

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